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Retractable Awning Pricing Factors

What Factors Determine an Awning Price? Fear of the unknown is often what keeps many of us from pursuing various pursuits, whether an adventure or a purchase.  Awnings, especially a top quality, fully retractable awning, may seem to some folks as just too luxurious to possibly be affordable.  Yet, they would be surprised upon investigating […]

Awnings in Portland – A Versatile Way to Extend Outdoors Living

Extending the Outdoor  Living Season in Portland With an Awning In Portland, awnings often get used just as much for providing quick protection against a light shower as much as they are for shade from the sun. We have an abundance of mostly nice days in the Portland area, where there might be an occasional […]

Wind Sensor for Retractable Awnings Now Available

A Great New Feature Now Available for SunSetter Retractable Awnings Anyone who has done a little research into retractable awnings usually comes to the conclusion that SunSetter is by far the best value in the Portland Oregon market.   You can get the best construction materials and quality plus the most features for the dollar.   But […]