Are Motorized Awnings Worth It? Some Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Fortunately, determining whether a motorized retractable awning is worth it doesn’t come down to a single factor. There are numerous reasons why an awning makes good sense for most homeowners and many small businesses. Here are the most common reasons below:

Awnings are Cost Effective

Simply put, retractable, motorized awnings deliver a huge bang for your buck!  Compared to virtually every other permanent cover solution, awnings are always the affordability winner.  Whether you are considering a patio cover, sunroom, pergola or roof extension, awnings provide shade and elements protection for a fraction of the cost.  Truly.  We did a comparison and found that a motorized awning averages about 1/9th the cost of an adjustable pergola.  That’s almost 90% less while still getting great 3 season outdoor living protection.  That’s hard to beat!

Privacy When You Need It

What good is an outdoor living space if you have to be on display for your neighbors?  You have privacy inside your home, why not outside of it too?  A retractable awning allows you to control when you want a higher degree of privacy when enjoying yourself on your deck, patio, or balcony.  Paired with front and/or side curtain screens, and you are in full control of your privacy.

Protection For Your Outdoor Belongings - Furniture, BBQs

We all know how furniture can fade even when indoors.  And while patio furniture is made to endure the elements, don’t fool yourself that it still doesn’t take a beating from the UV rays and the elements.  An awning can quickly protect your outdoor belongings and help extend their usable life.

Style and Return on Investment

No matter how functional an item is, if it’s part of our home most of us want to ensure it has good styling as well. Motorized awnings come in a variety of fabrics, colors, patterns, and cuts that allow you to choose the style that fits your home. Additionally, many owners find that they experience significance savings on cooling costs resulting from their awning. For the amount invested in an awning compared to the functionality and attractiveness it adds to your home, the return on investment of a retractable awning is excellent.

Retractable Equates to Less Storm Damage

Obviously, awnings provide their benefits when extended. However there are times that you don’t want your outdoor cover to face unnecessary exposure to what the weather might throw at it. Every year, tens of thousands of patio covers of various types are damaged from storms, whether wind, hail, snow, or ice. With a retractable awning you don’t have to worry about that problem. With the push of the button you can bring in your awning to sit out the storm. Plus, with a wireless wind sensor, if you forget to bring in your awning, it can do that on its own when the wind kicks up excessively high. No other patio cover can fully retract to avoid the elements.

Permit Hassles? What Permit Hassles?

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever had to deal with permitting a home project, you typically never want to do it again. It is a slow, tedious, and expensive process. One that requires patience and willingness to change your plans if it doesn’t fit to the intricacies of building codes or how some officials may interpret code. Fortunately, unlike virtually all other patio cover types, including pergolas, gazebos and lanais, awnings do not require a permit. Install it and use it.  No permit hassles!

Any Consideration of Worth Must Include Cost

When evaluating worth one needs to consider price. And this is where awnings shine. As noted above, motorized retractable awnings are typically a fraction of the cost of other types of outdoor covers.  That said, the cost of an awning varies greatly.  A simple manual awning, in a small size and with a more basic fabric, can be less than a third the cost of a larger, fully motorized awning with a built-in protective hood, lights, and front or side screens.  But rest assured, regardless of model chosen, awnings are still at the top of the value chain.

We think this analysis clearly shows that awnings are more than worth it. They provide numerous benefits that can help virtually everyone enjoy their outdoor living more.

Maybe now is the time that you give yourself and your family the gift of a retractable motorized awning?