Outdoor Retractable Patio Screens in Portland

Portland OR Retractable Outdoor Screens

Retractable Outdoor Screens

Let’s face it, there are times on a beautiful Portland spring, summer, or fall day when you just want the doors or windows open but you don’t want insects or a strong breeze to come inside.

Or possibly, you want to be outside underneath your pergola, patio cover, or gazebo, but the sun and it’s harmful UV rays are coming in too strong.

Yet another common scenario is wanting to enjoy your yard and experience some outdoor living but due to the proximity of neighbors you have no privacy to feel comfortable.

Is it possible to have a single solution to all three of these problems? Absolutely! A SunSetter retractable outdoor screen is the perfect answer to each and all of these issues that keep you from living the outdoor life you want.

SunSetter EasyScreens afford you and your family the protection and privacy desired while still providing you an unobstructed view through your windows, doors, or previously exposed sides of your outdoor cover (whether a patio cover, pergola, lanai, gazebo, etc.)  Plus, they enhance the beauty of your home and often, depending on location, lower your interior temperatures (and cooling costs!)

You will enjoy the new shade, wind reduction, insect reduction, and privacy, all easily accessible to you with the push of a button.  Our motorized, retractable outdoor screens are fully adjustable.  You can keep them all the way down or only at the particular level you choose for that particular moment. It’s a win win for outdoor living!

We are eager to provide you with the most affordable outside screens on the market, available from the #1 Top Selling National Brand for awnings, screens, and shades.  Each exterior screen is measured to your needs and custom manufactured just for your unique space.  And there are different color frames and fabrics for you to choose from.

There’s nothing for you to do other that relax. That’s why we say we provide you with “Outdoor Living, Indoor Comfort!”

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