Wind Sensor for Retractable Awnings Now Available

A Great New Feature Now Available for SunSetter Retractable Awnings

Anyone who has done a little research into retractable awnings usually comes to the conclusion that SunSetter is by far the best value in the Portland Oregon market.   You can get the best construction materials and quality plus the most features for the dollar.   But a good company never sits still for too long.   That is why we chose to be Portland’s SunSetter Awning dealer and installer.

Wind Sensor – A Practical Feature with Real World Value

One thing I always tell prospective retractable awning owners is to consider the times when you realize that you realize that you forgot to retract your awning.   Not that they can’t handle the elements – they are exceptionally sturdy – but nonetheless, you can attain maximum life from it by retracting it when not in use.   With a motorized awning, you don’t need to go outside in the rain or the dark.   Just press a button and it retracts.   That is, if you remember.

Probably the primary cause of damage to your retractable awning investment would come from high winds.   A wind sensor allows a lot of piece of mind.   It no longer matters whether you go to bed, to the market, or on vacation with you retractable awning extended.   If the wind picks up, no worries, you can trust that your wireless wind sensor will handle the problem for you.   In my opinion, that is as good as it gets.

Portland is not an inherently windy area but there are exceptions, whether it be some of the windier locales closer to the Gorge or just the rouge gusts that we periodically get.   Either way, the option of having a factory wind sensor installed is a great way to ensure maximum life out of your SunSetter retractable awning.