Awnings in Portland – A Versatile Way to Extend Outdoors Living

Extending the Outdoor  Living Season in Portland With an Awning

In Portland, awnings often get used just as much for providing quick protection against a light shower as much as they are for shade from the sun.

We have an abundance of mostly nice days in the Portland area, where there might be an occasional light sprinkle or two during an otherwise fine day.  While mostly insignificant, the showers can still be enough to drive activity inside if they occur right when you where planning on dining, reading a book, enjoying your morning coffee or just taking in the view.

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Numerous studies have shown the benefits of getting outdoors as much as often.

In my opinion, anything that helps accommodate that goal is worthwhile.  Whether it is a physical benefit, such as breathing the fresh air, the increase likelihood of some physical activity once outside, or simply the mental health benefits of taking in the beauty of your yard and view, outdoor time is quality time.

The best months in the Portland area for extending your outdoors living with an awning are April, May, and October. All three offer moderate temperatures, visual beauty (whether fall colors or emerging spring blossoms), and even fresh scents.  Best of all, with a fully motorized, retractable SunSetter awning, the task of closing your awning in case of any unexpectedly harsh weather is a snap.  Awning models such as the Motorized Pro and the Motorize Pro XL offer the most coverage and protection from the elements.

See how a retractable SunSetter awning can improve your outdoor living – call us today for your free evaluation.