Retractable Awning Pricing Factors

What Factors Determine an Awning Price?

Fear of the unknown is often what keeps many of us from pursuing various pursuits, whether an adventure or a purchase.  Awnings, especially a top quality, fully retractable awning, may seem to some folks as just too luxurious to possibly be affordable.  Yet, they would be surprised upon investigating the price.  Due to all of the variables involved it is indeed impossible to say what a specific awning might cost without viewing the exact installation onsite but we can nonetheless provide you with some quick guidelines.

Retractable Awning by Pool
Retractable SunSetter Awning – Sonoma Collection, Wheat

Semi-fixed versus Fully Retractable Awnings

Within the realm of “retractable” awnings, there are those that while technically able retract, require much time and effort.  Most homeowners with this type awning commonly open them up in the spring, leave them extended all summer through fall, and retract them for late fall through early spring.

Awnings that are fully retractable can be extended or retracted within seconds or minutes, depending on whether it has a manual crank or is motorized.  You can bring it out for your morning coffee and press a button to retract it as you walk back indoors.  The convenience of a truly retractable awing such as these is worth the extra investment.

Size – the Most Obvious Price Factor

The component of price doesn’t warrant much discussion, but it is important nonetheless to mention it since obvious as it is, no other factor affects price more.  That being said, just about the only regret we ever hear an awning owner express is that they did not buy a larger model to provide more shade and outdoor living area.

Fabric Options

For some folks, fabric is of little importance.  For others, it makes or breaks the appeal of the awning.  Tradition laminates, with the look and feel of vinyl, are very durable.  Woven acrylics, while equally strong and long lasting, enable a little more style to show through in addition to the protection they provide.  You can count on paying a modest amount more for acrylic.

Manual or Motorized

When considering potential price difference, some homeowner’s minimize the convenience of a motorized awning.  While a minute or so to crank out a manual awning and another minute or so to crank it back in doesn’t seen like much time, our experience with past customers has uncovered that those who have a motorized awning use theirs considerably more, which is the entire purpose of owning one in the first place.  You don’t invest in a retractable awning just to leave rolled up against the wall!  Certainly a motorized awning requires a slightly higher investment (not too much more), but it usually can be money well used.

Features and Accessories

Finally, deciding whether or not you want to add certain features and accessories influences the cost of your awning.  Such features can include automatic wind sensors to close the awning if you forget, protective hoods to streamline the retracted look of the awning and give it additional off-season protection, and lighting to enhance evening and nighttime usage.  Which if any are essential varies greatly from homeowner to homeowner.  Accessories prices certainly vary, but they usually are a smaller price component.

Awning Price Ranges

Now that you are familiar with the scope and breadth of some variables associated when choosing an awning, here are some rough awning pricing guidelines.  Small, semi-fixed awnings with no accessories can easily cost below $2500, plus installation.  For either small spaces or tight budgets, they are a nice way to still benefit from owning one.   At the other extreme, a good sized, retractable, motorized awning, with a higher grade fabric, and a few other accessories or features could range from $3500-$6000, plus installation.  Compared to the cost of some other home improvements that yield much less enjoyment, you can see that an awning is an exceptional value and quite affordable.

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